Corporate Finance and Treasury Advisory Solutions

We provide large-business skills and experience to execute assessments, perform interventions, and deliver implementation, with precision, to enable our clients to respond to challenges and opportunities.

We have the ability and acumen to deep delve into the underlying business models and operations to determine the unique business DNA structure, relationships and related information of our clients. This intelligence is used to identify deficiencies in the threshold and sustainable performance as well as financial risks for purpose of developing the appropriate responses and solutions.

Draw from decades of experience in our

Professional domains

Corporate finance (advisory)

WellCapital satisfies the client’s need to execute assessments (need for real insight) and interventions (loss‐preventions and recoveries) with precision. This ability is amplified by the experience to act as a change‐agent. We firmly believe in the principle that a problem cannot be solved at the level or within the environment where it was created.

Treasury solutions

Our Treasury Rubik services specialises in the corporate treasury requirements for organisations of any size and within any industry. We provide appropriate and best practice solutions through  proven methodologies to ensure that organisations have the ability to mitigate the exposures and to unlock the value by ensuring the integration of the treasury objectives with the underlying business models and objectives in a structured and informed manner.

    WellCapital provides corporate finance advisory solutions with the focus on business valuations, financial performance evaluations and due diligence assessments. We act as lead or change-agent in business turnaround and interventions which can result in new or amended busines models, capital structures, mergers, acquisitions, disposals, business processes and forensic investigations.

    WellCapital provides treasury advisory solutions with the focus on the various financial risk portfolios (liquidity risk, foreign exchange risk, commodity risk) arising as exposures from the underlying business models in order to develop appropriate risk management policies and strategies with performance metrics. The reconciliation of these performance metrics with the treasury accounting results is undertaken to provide both operational and strategic understanding.

    The liquidity risk management includes:
    - short-term and long-term cashflow forecasting using predictive modelling to identify the funding requirements and facilitate the operational and strategic decision making
    - mapping of all bank accounts and optimisation of banking and lending facilities
    - restructuring and refinancing of asset and liability portfolios
    - interest rate risk and credit risk management
    - obtaining credit rating and debt issues
    - optimisation of working capital management
    - alignment of cashflow forecasting with operational budgets and variance reporting based on actual cashflows
    - development of local and global cashflow pooling
    - implementation of intercompany financial support and transactions
    - obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals to ensure compliance and control
    - the treasury functions and responsibilities within the organisation should have the correct structures and systems to realise the potential positive strategic impact and value added.

    WellCapital provides expert and independent advisory services to Board committees and within legal proceedings.

    WellCapital prides itself in providing value‐added solutions and services to a wide variety of clients and markets which transcends industry and size and offer the services in a variety of ways to accommodate the requirements and priorities of our clients


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